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Fiesta ST, Focus ST and Focus ST-R Will Show Off Global Performance DNA

November 7th, 2011

It’s hard not to get excited about performance vehicles, and the Ford display at the upcoming 2011 Los Angeles International Auto Show will house plenty of excitement. The Fiesta ST Concept, Focus ST and Focus ST-R will all be part of the mix, clearly demonstrating the DNA of Ford Global Performance Vehicles.

Fiesta ST Concept

The Fiesta ST Concept indicates the direction for a high-performance Fiesta with muscular and sporty styling, a dynamic sports chassis and a high-performance powertrain capable of delivering impressive fuel economy with low emissions.

We spoke with Jost Capito, Director of Global Performance Vehicles about the Fiesta ST Concept, and you can learn more about the vehicle by clicking here to watch the video on Ford Social.

A global Fiesta ST would extend the proud, 35-year Fiesta history of delivering high- performance thrills to small car customers. Iconic past models include the European Fiesta XR2 and XR2i, Fiesta RS1800 and RS Turbo, and the more recent first-generation Fiesta ST. The five-door Fiesta ST Concept shows the promise for a globally available performance model.

Like the Ford World Rally Championship contender, Fiesta RS WRC, the Fiesta ST Concept uses a 1.6-liter Ford EcoBoost® gasoline engine to deliver high-level performance. The use of a 1.6-liter turbocharged unit in the Fiesta ST Concept and the Ford EcoBoost downsizing strategy in general reflects not only the current WRC engine guidelines but also the trend within international motorsports to deliver greater fuel economy through technological advancement. In the Fiesta ST Concept, the 1.6-liter Ford EcoBoost engine achieves a target output of 180 horsepower with 177 lb.-ft. of torque.

Tuned suspension geometry ensures dynamic and competent handling that can flatter less-experienced drivers while rewarding those seeking to push the limits of the Fiesta ST sports performance.

Focus ST

Beginning next year, North American drivers will be able to own a performance car previously unavailable on this continent. The Focus ST is the first truly global Ford performance car, building on the heritage of previous Focus ST models in Europe and giving drivers around the world the opportunity to share the exhilarating performance, excellent handling, addictive sound and sporty design.

Focus ST is powered by the 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost engine, which offers an uncompromising mix of performance and efficiency. The lightweight, all-aluminum EcoBoost engines provide the power of a larger engine in a fuel-efficient smaller displacement, leveraging three key technologies.

Mated to the 2.0-liter engine is a six-speed manual transmission, which has specially revised gearing to produce the maximum punch from each throw of the gearshift. The Global Performance Vehicles group devoted significant attention to detail to ensure the ratio of sixth gear was perfectly in tune with the Focus ST, giving the driver optimum performance while remaining long enough to help maintain excellent fuel economy on longer runs.

Working in harmony with the advanced driver-assistance features is the finely tuned suspension setup of the new Focus ST. Upgraded shock absorbers and springs lower the ST chassis for a more aggressive stance while the center of gravity is brought closer to the road, which aids precise cornering.

Focus ST boasts a highly effective roof spoiler, optimized to deliver improved high-speed stability and reduced drag and a unique center-exit exhaust with a tailpipe design influenced by the exclusive hexagonal mesh of the front bumper.

Focus ST-R

The all-new Focus ST-R has been crafted by engineers at Ford Racing – with technical support from the Ford Global Performance Vehicles group – to allow it to compete in a huge variety of series, including Grand-Am ST, World Challenge TC and Canadian Touring Car Series.

Closely resembling the Focus ST road car, the Focus ST-R is distinctive under the skin as it is purpose-built for the track by Ford Racing in North America as a fully prepared competition car. It features a powerful 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, FIA-regulation roll cage, uprated brakes and track-tuned suspension.

Ford ST global DNA

Beneath the skin of the new Focus ST lies the DNA for the ST range. Working together, the Global Performance Vehicles group – made up of Team RS in Europe and Special Vehicle Team (SVT) in the United States – devised a strategy for all future global performance Ford cars.


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