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Ford Atlas Hits the Road

August 26th, 2013 you’re wondering where the Ford Atlas concept vehicle is these days, here are some shots from the road as the Atlas kicked off its summer tour in Cleveland. In the main rotunda of the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, the truck was in excellent company, parked next to a pristine 1907 Ford Model K. Side-by-side, the two vehicles visually covered more than a century of toughness and innovation.

The Ford Atlas concept was first revealed on January 15, 2013, at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), where it garnered attention with its bold looks and innovations.

Doug Scott, Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager, was with the Atlas in Cleveland, introducing it to the crowd. A concept vehicle like the Atlas is built to go out on the show circuit, get attention and start a dialogue with customers and fans. Scott emphasized this point about loyalty, “There’s stronger brand loyalty in trucks than you find in any other vehicle segment,” he said. “The products have been very good, and those trucks have done a great job satisfying their owners. So naturally you have a lot of interest and a lot of enthusiasm around Atlas.”

The most recent previous Ford truck concept vehicle was the Super Chief, rolled out at NAIAS in 2006. Since that time, Ford has continued with an ambitious new product cycle for the F-Series. “We’ve been very aggressive improving the truck and freshening it up, so we’re always giving the customer something new, which helps build that loyalty.”

As the crowd in Cleveland was able to see, the bar has definitely been raised with Atlas. From the dual-purpose tailgate step and cargo cradle to enhanced lighting features to the trailer backup assist. As Ford meets each new level of expectations for a truck, those expectations get notched up. Doug Scott is upbeat about the future, one where “we’re going to have to continue raising our game and making the trucks better and delivering more for the same dollar. That’s our mindset, and as long as we have that mindset we’ll continue to do well.”


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